Saturday, March 24, 2012

Of Riding bikes in this country.

Today I learnt a new skill. I finally figured out how to ride a bike on the streets of Pune without freaking out. I could have stopped after" how to ride a bike" but decided against it because according to a certain persons feedback on my newly acquired riding skills, I still "wobble". Personally I think that person is just a shitty pillion who has an uncontrollable urge to perform crazy gymnastics at the back while I am riding, but well, since I have just started, I cant really debate about my expertise at this art....... as of now.

If someone who does not live in India reads this post, they are probably going to think that I'm one hell of a pussy for bragging about a skill as trivial as riding a two wheeler. What they do not understand is that its much easier said than done to actually ride a two wheeler here. Driving a car with all its complexities is in my opinion the easier task.And its because of a few certain "factors" on the streets which is what I intended this post to actually be about.

The Heat

The first obstacle you will face in accomplishing this amazing feat is the heat. The sun bears down on you in its 45 degree celsius worth of burns that you will have to face for the next week. However, you cannot give up here as this is only a small problem compared to the others that you will be encountering soon.

The other vehicles

When my father taught me how to drive he always told me that I should be cautious, not just for myself but for the other idiots on the road. I find that to be more true when I am on a two wheeler because face it, on a two wheeler you are just more vulnerable!! Its all about the right attitude though. It can be fun if you just imagine it to be another game of crazy taxi, only crazier and in real life.

The Cows

In India, you don't make way for the cows, the cows make way for YOU!!! Yes, these magnificent holy creatures can sit on the road, refuse to move, chew cud and make your life living hell!

The pedestrians

Its not that the pedestrians are badly behaved. Its just that there are SO many of them!!! And I honestly came across this random dude waving a stick and screaming out in the midst of peak hour traffic, crazy or what???

Taking all of this into consideration, Im just glad to be sitting at home, in one piece, sipping on my nimbooz.

And oh... in case I din't mention it earlier... Im an amazing rider. 


  1. Hai,
    So kind words..
    Your blog template is same as mine..
    Its nice to see your blog
    Keep writing


    1. Thank you!! I am following your blog!!!
      Cheers!! :)