Saturday, March 3, 2012

I am not as grown up as I think I am

I've been down with some throat infection for two days. Just got back from college feeling really sick and tired. After sitting down for a while I realized that deep down inside I could feel an emotion that was very familiar. It was crying out to me and it said "I WANT MY MOMMY"
I brushed it off feeling a little silly, i mean I'm almost 21 years old!! I should be getting over these things now. But the more I sat and thought about it the more I realized that I am actually still thirteen. Here's a list for the same:

1) Zits
I have suddenly started growing zits which I never had before.Why now??
I wish I could swear at the Kardashians and their perfect airbrushed faces.

2) Strange liking to playing board games

I love playing board games. While other people enjoy going out for a movie or go out drinking I would much rather swap all of that for sitting at home and playing a board game.

3) I would also gladly play with Play -Doh

It was my favourite toy back then and even now, I would love someone who bought me play doh for my birthday. I would love them with all my heart. Twisting the sticky clay into fun shapes gives me inexplicable pleasure that cannot be replaced by any other.

4) When I'm sick, I want my mommy!
Its self explanatory. And THIS is one thing that I am personally sure that EVERYONE goes through. They are just too ashamed to admit it!

5) Getting Pissed

When its that time of the month I tend to throw horrible temper tantrums very reminiscent of the ones I used to throw during the difficult adolescent phase. In fact, I still scream, get teary eyed and need a warm glass of milk to calm me down except that the warm glass of milk is now a cold glass of wine.

6) Blankey protects me from the ghosts at night

The fact that I cant sleep without my Blankey (this blanket I've had for years) is common knowledge to most people who know me. What isn't common knowledge is the reason for it. As a child I used to convince myself that it had magical powers to protect me from the imaginary monsters under my bed. Though i no longer believe in magic (I DONT OK???) it still gives me a sense of security when I wake up at night.

7) I have a Blankey
How many 21 year old people do you know who sleep with their baby blanket that they have named anyway?


  1. I had a toy dog I slept with into my 20s. I'd probably still have it if it hadn't been stolen (with other things. Not just that!) I was CRUSHED! - Enjoy your magical blankey!

    1. It was STOLEN?!?
      I think you should HUNT the BASTARD down lol
      thanks, I will!! :)

    2. Oh I wanted to! I was a wreck!

  2. not too many people would debate on that :P hope you are well by now :)