Sunday, March 4, 2012

You are what you travel by....

Back in school, we never really seemed to care how we got there, although most of us would use the school transport and the rest, well, would be the privileged ones who get to be dropped by their oh so doting parents. In college, however, transport plays a big role. Especially when you have late nights and houses that are far away from you college. So anyway, I gave it a thought and classified the different sorts of people and their mannerisms according to their preferred mode of transport.

1) The ones who use their legs
All of them live close to college. It is important to know some of them at those times when you have a 5 hour break before an extra class because then you can "chill" at their houses.
They can further be sub divided into 2 more categories
a) The social type
They walk to college in twos or in groups. They do it either because they like to or because they are health conscious. The point is, if you wave at them, you can be assured that they will wave back.
b) The headphone type
They are not people persons. They can also be called the "no eye contact" walkers. Seriously, try getting them to make eye contact with you, you have a better shot at getting manmohan singh to smile. Waving, off course, is out of question. The positive part is you can swear at them and they wont hear you.

2) The Rickshaw type

They are the most common type found. They are also most often likely to be broke earlier than anyone else. Believe it or not, it IS the most expensive means of transport.

3) Scooters

Mostly women or men trying really hard to preserve their masculinity while on it. Usually there are two people one of whom is covered with a shawl taliban ishtyle to protect herself from the pollution. Ironically, the very same girl probably walks right into NCC after that to smoke a few cigarettes before class.

4) Bikes

These are the Alpha Males of college. Though they try hard to play it down, they take pride in riding into the parking lot. They also have a very characteristic expression on their faces with lips held clenched together and eyes squinting slightly. And though none of them will accept it, im pretty sure they have the star wars theme song playing in their minds when they ride around.

5) Cars

These are the Kings of all modes of transport in college. The people who own them act like they are superior to you because they are. Most of us probably know someone who knows someone who has a car but doesn't want to drive it in fear of not finding space to park. They hate the environment and all the other types hate them. However, it is important to keep these emotions to yourself as face it, someday somewhere, you are going to need a ride!

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