Sid's Insane Classroom doodles


Our classes in law school are, sad to say, less than interesting. In fact, barring a few, most classes are an intellectual vacuum with most of us staring blankly into space. And they say its only fish that sleep with their eyes open!!
The silver lining is that it sometimes gives birth to fun (albeit slightly strange) skills.
My friend Sid is one such lucky person as sitting in class gives him ideas to draw these cartoon strips that I personally find extremely hilarious. And so I decided to share them and this was the best place that I could think of. Maybe someday he will be famous and hence be indebted to me forever. (Mu ha ha)
I wanted him to scan the pages on which he has drawn the strips on but he insisted on making them on Microsoft  Paint himself as apparently it gives him "something to do." Then again, his drawing skills aren't very much more advanced either and the characters look suspiciously like real bad imitations of the characters in the cartoon strip "cyanide vs happiness."
However, they are still readable and so I present to u.....


As it turns out, Sid has become better at MS Paint that I ever thought he would be. And when I say better it actually means "faster" as the figures are still the same as the previous one. The good part is that he can see the humour in how badly the stick figures have been drawn and has chosen to name his album on facebook the "Classroom shtick" the adventures of "stick A and stick B which I think is pretty sporting n his behalf . This is the link to the album, the strips in it, however are all given below.
They are called Its _______ day Part I  II and III. Obviously inspired from spending valentines day single and in class.
Its ____ day Part One
Its _________ day Part two

Its _________ day Part III