Friday, March 2, 2012

That Moment when you have so much to do that you decide to fuck everything and chill out.

I have been told that the best time to write on your blog is when you have loads of work to do and really cant afford to be wasting time on things such as blog writing. I find that to be increasingly true as I have only come back here now after 3 years of law school that involved me mostly lolling around in bed all day debating with myself whether or not to attend college ( the latter usually winning the debate) and basically stuff like that.

Today however, i am stuck with 30 articles to be submitted, a moot to prepare for and 15 exams to give making blog writing seem oh so fun an activity and strangely oh so important as well. Anyway, from today, I shall it a point to keep making updates on anything relevant that may or may not happen during the week. This weekend should be my next post as our class has, after 3 years of being together, decided to party as one for the first time. This has obviously resulted in a lot of excitement about what we like to call the "BA WEEKENDER" (As we are the BA LLB class as opposed to BBA LLB) which may sound lame to most people, but that's the best part about our class, they really dont seem to care about people or what they think.

So, I shall log off for now, in case there is anything exciting happening I may log back before the weekend. Ciao


  1. Glad to hear that you find my reviews usuful. I really do try to give adequate overviews.
    You seem like an interesting person, so I`m following you back. Take care! And I hope you have a fun party!

  2. Lol. Thanks a ton!
    And yes, I shall keep you posted! :)

  3. I can relate! I'm trying to get a first novel done, yet spend much more time than I should on four blogs! I'm addicted!!!

    1. Lol, blogging is fun isn't it? I think I see a semesters worth of failed exams coming as a esult. :P
      A novel huh? That must be a lot of work, what's it about?