Of things that Have Already Transpired

After going through my laptop with its various photos and videos I suddenly realized that there were many things that happened which, had I been active on blogger then, would have been considered blog worthy. Hence, it only makes sense to have a separate page where I can upload all those moments so that I don't have any regrets later on.

KARAOKE NIGHT ( 27th December 2011)

I have to write about karaoke night as personally, it was the first time I was singing Karaoke to anything in a public place. Anyway, I have below the youtube videos of the boys ruining Dream on by Aerosmith and also, sadly, Metallica's nothing else matters. We girls sang Ma Ma Mia by Abba which was AWESOME, but i have.... um.... "lost the video" (very conveniently).

Strangely, the karaoke machine decided to give them the highest score anyone got that night for their Rendition of Dream on. Once you watch the video above, I am sure you will agree with me that the karaoke machine was broken. :)