Sunday, March 25, 2012

Memory Tests.

I remember grade two, when we used to have one hour bus journeys to get to school. There was this game we called the "memory game" that we played. I t would start with one of us picking a word then the next person would have to say that word and come up with his own, the third one would add to the list and it would go on till it became a huge list and everyone but one would be knocked out. It was fun then, but what we did not realize was the importance of that game. What we were actually doing was preparing for college.

Every time my exams come around I understand the importance of a good memory. It is not our intelligence or ability to analyse that is tested in our rigorous Indian system of education. It is how well we can mug.... and then puke.And my memory sucks.

Yes, I am whining.

I HATE EXAMS!!!!!!!!


  1. Well you're right, and it's the same in most places. Exams are a test of memory, and I don't have a brilliant one myself. Oh and the name I know your game as is Chinese Whispers. I played it a bit as a kid, but, like I said, bad memory.

    1. No no, chinese whisper is slightly different from what i remember, then again, maybe its played differently in different parts of the world.

      I always lost that game!