Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to feel daft for a day.....

We just got our wi fi connected yesterday. We used to have wi fi before as well only we decided to get it changed. This is because our network provider (a certain company who's name rhymes with "fairtel") gave us service that provided us with extremely fast internet for those five minutes a day that it actually worked before citing weird errors and getting disconnected.

We were really excited about this new fast internet except for a tiny glitch. It somehow only worked for one person at a time. After discovering that this was because we would need to get a special wi fi router to ensure that it would work we managed to get the right router from our good friend Jeevith (who also made it a point to add that he would need it back at the end of the month).

I was half asleep when my flatmate (who was busy figuring out how to connect the router) woke me up because the lights had gone out. This wouldn't have been a huge deal except it seemed that it was just our flat that had no electricity. We spent the next hour trying to find out what had gone wrong.

We first started by lighting candles and using our torches to try and see what had gone wrong. I was glad to finally be able to use the battery powered lamp that I got for Christmas. A really useful thing I must say! We then decided to walk down and talk to the watch man. I must have been around one am at the time and since its winter, we were freezing in pyjamas.

It struck us once we had gone downstairs that the watchmen were more like odd job men really because none of the three were actually watching the building or anything in particular. In fact, to be completely honest they were nowhere in sight. We were both also pretty sleepy at the time, since it was a Saturday night, making us even more confused.

After calling out for the "night watchmen" for ten minutes we decided to check the electric board ourselves. For the first time, I was actually unhappy to find out that there was NOTHING wrong with it. This meant that we had no clue what the problem was. We did discuss for a couple of minutes that it could be the main switch in our flat that had tripped but we decided that it wasn't possible because we had lived in this house for a year and had never seen anything that looked even vaguely like a main switch. 

We went back to our dark a gloomy flat and discussed the mysterious problem of the "missing electricity." All we had was a candle and a battery powered night lamp. It started off as a fun discussion as we tried to convince ourselves that one night in the dark would be a fun thing. We even made a few jokes about ghosts in the house. We both pointed out at things and made scary eyes to scare the other person. 

As it can be expected in a dark house inhabited by two chickens we eventually scared ourselves. The dark night did not seem fun anymore. Also, the mosquitoes were beginning to buzz around our heads. I'm generally a very paranoid person and a bit of a hypochondriac so I started worrying about malaria and filariasis among other things like being eaten by the boogey man. We decided to call it a night. I went to my room and snuggled into my blankey wrapping myself in it like a kaati roll.

It din't take me long to fall asleep and when I opened my eyes again it was 12pm. I heaved a sigh of relief and woke up my flatmate. We went down to find our "watchman" who told us it had to have tripped and to search the house for the main switch. We scoffed at him saying that there was absolutely NO WAY we could have missed a box like that FOR A YEAR.

We go back home and I go to the sink to wash my hands before starting the big search.

I look up. I see a metal door.

I open it. I see a switch.

I push it upwards.

I am using the wi fi now. It is really fast and works like a charm. I guess there are such things as happy endings. 

Also, we feel very very daft.

At least we now know where the switch is huh?

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