Saturday, March 3, 2012


So anyway, after all that, we did finally manage to reach class albeit a little late. Just sat through taxation that had the elements of a badly made Bollywood movie, with the teacher screaming and eventually feeling guilty and a student emotionally blackmailing her by refusing to take attendance. Pretty Petty.

For today, we have two classes attendance which is 50 % of today. Considering that my attendance totally so far is only 25 I should be freaking out a little more but thanks to the values that my college has instilled in me I don't care about things like attendance or even academics anymore.

Anyway, my friends are now beginning to express their disapproval with my new blogging habit and making snide comments about the difference between real friends and virtual friends and how one shouldn't lose the former for the latter etc. So I should pack up now and get down to NCC, which by the way is a place that I will soon be making an entry on as it serves as a second home to most of us.


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