Monday, April 2, 2012

Just something that struck me.

While attempting to study administrative law, a thought struck me. A really random one (like most of those thoughts which strike you when you study, more of an attempt to distract yourself really.) about this conversation that I had with an old friend today.

She was telling me about how her mother thinks she blogs for "attention". While I laughed it off back then, it made me wonder about the truth of that statement. I have seen so many posts on 9 gag about the quintessential "attention horse" which brings me to the conclusion that doing ANYTHING for attention is a bad thing. An awful thing in fact, something to be scorned even.

Don't we all secretly thrive on attention though? I know I love to see a new comment on my post. It makes me very very happy. It's only human to enjoy a little attention.

So for all you fellow attention "horse" (I know it's grammatically incorrect ......but artistic licence my friend!) out there.........

If you neigh when someone comments on your post
And trot when they like your picture
Canter when they comment on it 
Even if it's just a lecher

It's okay, don't be shy
Don't let their judgement affect you
If they don't get it, it's their loss
You're lucky to be
An attention horse.

And that's what you call shitty poetry. :)

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